Test Automation

Mobix implements a unique mechanism for recording, playback and adaptation of autotests based on machine learning technology. It enables full-scaled automation of mobile application security testing.

Full automation of security testing

Mobix records autotests using AI/ML methods. This provides a new level of abstraction when creating autotests. To write autotests with Mobix, test engineers do not need to know the details of the implementation of the mobile app under test. The tester only needs to interact with the application just as a user.

Vulnerabilities Detection

Mobix detects more than 50+ types of vulnerabilities. For best results and performance, our technology uses a combination of several MAST practices for various scan modes.

Scan rules customization

Mobix can be customized to test each application effectively. Each mobile application has its specifics. Testing each app should also be tuned accordingly.

Customization of scan rules helps to perform more precise searches and reduce false positives and false negatives.

Remediation Guidance

Mobix provides detailed guidance on how to fix the found vulnerability, with a description of the vulnerability, real examples of code fixing the problem, and recommendations on using certain secure libraries.