Mobix is a product of Maverix, a software development company that offers market-leading solutions for DevSecOps.


Mobix is a platform for vulnerability detection and full automation of mobile app security testing. Mobix implements five Mobile Application Security Testing Practices (MAST) and a unique machine learning-based test automation engine. This ensures effective vulnerability discovery and allows security testing to be integrated into the DevOps process.


The core team consists of experts in secure software engineering who have executed multiple consulting projects for Fortune-500 clients to introduce mobile application security practices and DevSecOps processes. During these project assignments, it was found that the test coverage for the security of mobile applications was significantly less than the test coverage for the security of the web versions of these applications. The team started working on a solution for testing mobile applications security in 2017. MOBIX was launched in 2019 and found great appreciation from software engineering and application security professionals.